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Explosion-proof electrical applications?[ 06-06 11:47 ]
For the mine and other explosive areas (workshop) appliances. Various appliances used in the mine, in the normal operation or failure will generate a spark, arc or dangerous temperature rises, which are likely to be an ignition source and cause gas explosion. Explosion-proof electrical design and manufacture according to specified conditions, and to take all measures to put an explosive mixture around the ignition source and isolate to prevent explosion caused by an explosive mixture around.
What is the proof electrical?[ 06-06 11:26 ]
Proof electrical divided into: proof lighting, explosion-proof electrical explosion-proof fittings, explosion-proof electrical, dust explosion-proof electrical, stainless steel explosion-proof electrical appliances.Generally speaking, explosion-proof electrical equipment refers to a class of electrical explosion hazard exists gases and vapors farms.
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